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With the pace of the Divergent series and the superhuman powers of Heroes, The Unadjusteds pushes the human race beyond its evolutionary boundaries – with dire consequences.

Imagine, with the simplicity of swallowing one pill, being the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the fastest, the strongest. Or do you prefer wings? Fins and gills to swim? In the world of The Unadjusteds genetic enhancements are the norm. But what if you’re not altered? What if you’re just an unadjusted? How do you survive?



Mirrors are portals that lead to another world. A world of ice and snow and rock and… shadow monsters. They suck the soul right out of you and trap you in the mirror world. Only 16 year old Georgia, committed to a mental health hospital,  knows why. She alone holds the key to stopping the shadows from breaching the human world.


Cordelia Blue is afraid of water.

Ever since her mother and twin brother were killed in a freak shark attack five years ago. She won’t even take a bath, let alone contemplate competing in a pool again.

But when she discovers her mermaid’s tail, Cordelia is forced to face her fears and investigate the horror of her family’s attack. Only then will she learn the truth and how to free her mermaid family from the ocean.