Saving Luna

Chapter 1


Place: Portland Police Station, New Hampshire.

Date & Time: September 8th 9:03am

Subject: Interview with Luna Louise O’Farrell (wears skinny jeans and a black t-shirt.)

Others present: Detective James Monroe and Officer Shelly Banks.


Off SB: I hope the coffee’s not too hot.

Luna: (shakes her head)

Det JM: (clears throat) We’d like to talk to you about the incident that occurred at your place of residence on the night of August 20th and the subsequent week.

Luna: (no response)

Det JM: A lot of people were hurt. We need to understand how the fire was started.

Luna: It wasn’t my fault.

Off SB: No one is suggesting that it was.

Luna: (sips coffee)

Det JM: Can we get started?

Luna: Fire away.

Det JM: That’s an odd choice of word, considering what happened. Where were you when the fire started?

Luna: (frowns) In my room, I think. There’s a lot of holes in my memory. I think I woke up and my curtains were on fire.

Det JM: Do you keep candles on your windowsill?

Luna: (nods) But I don’t think…I didn’t –

Det JM: What did you do then? When you woke up and you realised the house was on fire?

Luna: (Shrugs) I ran out of the house. I fell over and hit my head.

Det JM: What happened after that?

Luna: I don’t remember. I don’t remember anything. Not until I got to Grandmother’s house. And Matthew…disappeared.

Det JM: Anything? You don’t remember anything?

Luna: (sips coffee) Glimpses. Flashes. But they could be dreams. Men who hunted us and animals with eyes of lava. I must have been dreaming.

Det JM: You do realise they’re all dead?

Luna: (nods) (closes eyes)

Off SB: Easy –

Det JM: Seventeen people. Just dead. In one week. You must remember something.

Luna: (Shakes head) Just Matthew. Just when he vanished.

Det JM: Vanished? People don’t just vanish.

Luna: Matthew did. He said it was time for him to go.

Det JM: So he walked away. Matthew’s not dead then?

Luna: (no response)

Det JM: Any idea where he is?

Luna: (finishes coffee) No.

Det JM: So if we go into the woods we’ll find fifteen bodies? Maybe sixteen if Matthew’s there too?

Luna: I don’t know. Maybe more.

Det JM: More?

Luna: We met Robin and Monty, but they didn’t make it either.

Det JM: (Writes notes)

Off SB: Who are Robin and Monty?

Luna: A brother and sister. They’d just lost their father. Monty was a little…disturbed.

Det JM: Do you know where any of the bodies are?

Luna: Gina. She died not far from the house. If the animals haven’t go to her…Caleb we buried. I’m not sure of the exact location.

Det JM: (checks notes) Gina Thomas, mother of the kids. Caleb Thomas. Aged 12, the oldest of the five children.

Luna: Yes.

Det JM: Jasmine, aged 8. Ettie and Bess, twins, aged 4 and Nell aged 1.

Luna: (Closes eyes) (cries)

Det JM: They were just children.

Luna: I know. They were my friends. My family. I don’t know what happened.

Off SB: It all started with the fire, didn’t it?

Luna: (nods). Jacob was burned. His arm and half his face. But he tried. So that I would be safe. He tried.

Det JM: Tell us about Matthew.

Luna: (pulls apart plastic cup) I can’t talk about him yet.

Det JM: Alright then, Faith.

Luna: (sobs)

Off SB: (offers Luna a tissue)

Luna: (wipes face and blows her nose) Faith was one of the bravest. She almost made it.

Det JM: She was sixteen?

Luna: Yes. She was a dancer. Ballet. She was talented.

Det JM: She had a unicorn tattoo on her left wrist. Like yours.

Luna: I don’t remember.

Det JM: (rises. Stands with his hands on his hips) You need to give me more.

Luna: I’m trying. (wipes eyes)

Det JM: How about Hope?

Luna: She used to draw me pictures of the monsters in my nightmares. It helped a little, to confront them on a piece of paper like that.

Off SB: She was a good friend.

Luna: (nods)

Det JM: What about Ariel?

Luna: She was my guardian angel. (smiles) She died in the attack. With the twins, Monty and Kerry.

Det JM: Kerry? Who is Kerry?

Luna: (frowns) He wasn’t around much. But he used to take me for rides on his motorcycle. I liked to feel the wind in my hair. I liked it when he drove really fast. Sometimes, I could forget, when I was with Kerry.

Det JM: How do you know how they died if you can’t remember anything?

Luna: I just know.

Det JM: (sits back down and taps his pen against his notepad) And there were animals?

Luna: Ulrich. He was a grey wolf. Used to let me feed him out of my hand. But he was so much more than that too.

Det JM: Meaning?

Luna: (pause) He was human too.

Det JM: (Snorts) Werewolves don’t exist.

Luna: I didn’t say they did.

Det JM: (sighs) Joseph Thomas.

Luna: The father of the children.

Det JM: How did he die?

Luna: I’m not sure. Maybe the river? But he was with Nell.

Off SB: At least Nell wasn’t alone. Only one year’s old.

Det JM: Piper.

Luna: She was mute. But she could say so much with just an expression.

Det JM: Alessandra

Luna: She was like a mother to me.

Off SB: A surrogate? Not surprising considering what happened to your own mother.

Det JM: Beacon

Luna: (A fragile smile) She showed us the way.

Det JM: Obsidian? That’s an odd name.

Luna: He saved us, right at the end. He flew –

Det JM: Flew?

Luna: (silence)

Det JM: What was Obsidian?

Luna: I don’t remember.

Det JM: But you just said he flew.

Luna: My memories and dreams are all muddled up. Sometimes I have a hard time telling what’s real…and what’s not.

Det JM: Is that why you were in the hospital before?

Luna: (A pause) Yes (barely audible)

Det JM: But something saved you?

Luna: Matthew saved me.

Det JM: The elusive Matthew. Does he like magic?

Luna: (shakes head) He runs track. The mile is his best distance. He’s almost got it down to four minutes.

Det JM: Sounds like you really admire this Matthew guy.

Luna: I love him. I love all of them. They’re my family. They were my family.

Det JM: Matthew Cooper?

Luna: Yes

Det JM: And he went to high school with you?

Luna: Yes

A pause

Det JM: You know we can’t find a record of him anywhere? Actually, we can’t find a record of any of them. How do you explain that?

Luna: I can’t.