With the pace of the Divergent series and the superhuman powers of Heroes, The Unadjusteds pushes the human race beyond its evolutionary boundaries – with dire consequences.

Imagine, with the simplicity of swallowing one pill, being the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the fastest, the strongest. Or do you prefer wings? Fins and gills to swim? In the world of The Unadjusteds genetic enhancements are the norm. But what if you’re not altered? What if you’re just an unadjusted? How do you survive?

The Unadjusteds is a first of a trilogy and is followed by The Rise of the Superfreaks & The Reckoning.

The Unadjusteds:

In an alternate reality where genetic enhancements are the norm, the minority human race, the unadjusteds, must fight for their place in society. 16-year old Silver Melody, daughter of the pioneers of genetic modification, is an unadjusted and wants nothing more than her mother to be released from prison and to escape the spotlight of the president’s wrathful eye.  When President Bear declares all unadjusteds must take a nanite pill, the vehicle in which genetic modifications are delivered, Silver flees the city with her father and hides in an underground cave system with her best friend, Matt and a motley crew of unadjsuteds and superfreaks. With a price on her head and betrayal around every corner, Silver is running out of time to rescue her before she is caught by the president’s elite security force. But events don’t always run to plan, and before Silver can save the country and all those she holds dear, she must overcome a surprising obstacle and accept the truth of what she really is.


The Rise of The Superfreaks:

After a year of the unadjusted community living peacefully, Silver’s mother is kidnapped.  President Meg Flowers has been preparing for any eventuality and unusual attacks.  When a virus wipes out 90% if the population, it is with a heavy heart that she asks the mission team to take back their super abilities and head across the country, to the mountains, to defeat the last group of superfreaks and rescue Silver’s mother.  But Silver knows Earl form when he worked with her parents and was he the creator of the hellhound.  With the obstacles he has set them as they travel, she fears they may not even make it to the final battle in the Rocky Mountains.


The Reckoning:

With enemies old and new finally buried and new friendships made deep, Silver and the team return to the East Coast to begin a new life from the ashes of an apocalyptic world.  But Silver doesn’t count on her own dark powers getting the better of her.  Will the new enemy seduce her for the use of her powers, or will she stay true to Matt and her friends?  And what of the baby?  Will the baby bring a respite from grief to one of the team or will it be the ending of them all?


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