The Mermaid Chronicles: Secrets of the Deep



The Mermaid Chronicles is a five part series beginning with Secrets of the Deep:

Cordelia Blue lost her mother and twin brother during a shark attack.  Five years later, on the brink of her 18th birthday, Cordelia’s life changes dramatically when she faces her fear of water and discovers her mermaid ancestry. Entrusted with an important relic by a ghost of the past, Cordelia must decide whether she can trust her boyfriend Wade Waters with the truth to help her on her quest to break an ancient curse.  But in the world of mermaids and selachii (people who can turn into sharks), reality is never what it seems and Cordelia suspects that she has trusted the wrong people.  If she is to defeat an ancient enemy and save the mermaid race she, must ignore the whispering of her heart, before her brother is lost to the ocean forever.