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The Yellow Brick Road

Determined to uncover the reasons behind her parent’s disappearance, Dorothy winds up in Oz. Befriending a zombie, vampire & werewolf, she must reveal the identity of the wizard and witch before a nefarious figure snares her new-found magic abilities and traps her in Oz forever.

Purity springs

When troubled Abigail is sent to summer camp for problem teens, she uncovers a conspiracy that reaches far beyond earth’s boundaries. To prevent a time-loop that spells out imminent death, she must trust the misfits around her and brave an extraordinary trip that only she can take.

Dracula – An Origins Story

Bitten by a bat, 17 year old Drake experiences terrifying physical changes. Forced to confront his unusual heritage, and under the watchful eye of savage hunters, he must chose between saving his girlfriend, Mina, or beckoning her to the dark side.

Cyrstal 2.0

When lonely teen Rachel is befriended by perfect newcomer Crystal, she believes her popularity issues will be over.  But as their friendship deepens, Crystal’s seemingly perfect facade begins to crumble and Rachel is lead into a series of scrapes that result in murder. She faces the choice of turning her best friend in or going on the run and uncovering the sinister reasons behind Crystal’s ambiguous motives.



Saving Luna

Matthew is a senior and loves to run track, but something has always seemed off. When a devastating fire destroys their home, he is suspicious it wasn’t an accident and leads his group of friends on a quest through the woods to Grandmother’s house to prevent the authorities from discovering an earth-shattering secret. His best friend, Luna, is his priority and he will do anything to save her from her semi-catatonic state. Without her, none of them will survive. But he is the only one who knows why, and sometimes that knowledge plays to his advantage. The ill-equipped group of 17 souls face food and water shortages that threaten their survival, and as the secret unravels, throws them against each other. Benign, magical beings exist within the group but when fantastical beasts with eyes of lava and moss men who materialise out of the trees begin to pick them off, they realize they are up against something beyond what is normal for them. Matthew understands he may have to sacrifice his own life, and maybe even some of the others. Battling supernatural creatures all the way to Grandmother’s house, Matthew finally understands the extent of Luna’s secret and must choose to accept it or suffer the terrible consequences.

Eat, Sleep, Mine, Repeat

minecraft4Chris, Jess and Luke are three siblings still trying to adjust to a world in which their father disappeared mysteriously five years ago.  One October half term, with their mum working crazy hours as an A & E nurse, Chris and Jess coax Luke, the youngest, into playing a game of Minecraft with them, but find themselves sucked into their tablets, into the game.  Suddenly, finding food and shelter is no longer just a game, but the very essence of their survival if they are to make it home.  Remaining in the real world, Luke must help his siblings and keep their mum from figuring out what is going on.  Chris and Jess meet the famous avatars Steve and Alex, and together, they begin an epic journey to find their way back home.  But have the their been enough updates?  Does finding The End and fighting the Enderdragon mean they will be able to return home?  Will they even make it that far?  And what other surprises are in store for them that they’ve never faced while playing the game?



The Unadjusteds Trilogy which includes: The Unadjusteds, The Rise of the Superfreaks & The Reckoning

The Unadjusteds

Silver Melody, an 18-year-old in her last year of high school, is a prisoner in her apartment due to the political stance of her scientist parents. Genetic modifications via the nanite pill – the invention of Silver’s parents – have altered 90% of the population’s DNA, turning them into the Superfreaks. Silver, her father (Rufus), and her best friend are Unadjusteds (those who have not had their DNA modified) and find themselves swept up in a movement to flee the classist nanite laws and make a stand.

On the way to a secret location, Silver and Rufus are hunted by viciously modified tracking dogs called Hellhounds and the President’s Bulk army – terminator-like enhanced humans. When Silver’s father is injured, they are forced to accept the help of a friendly Bulk, or face almost certain capture.

Rufus begins work on a cure that could return Superfreaks back to their unadjusted state and Silver learns she possesses her own powerful genetic abilities, a modification given to her from her parents in vitro.

With her mother threatened with execution, Silver must come to terms with her new abilities – abilities she’d previously mocked – and become instrumental in delivering the cure. Testing her enhancements, Silver is classified as the ultimate weapon, a label she struggles to accept. Loaded with responsibility, the team must deliver the cure before they’re all killed, and their DNA is harvested to maintain the reign of the Superfreaks.

The Last Good Angelangel7

In the unsuspecting town of Woking an ancient battle between angels and demons rages above humanity’s head. Lily Archer, a motherless 16-year old who works in the local library, believes her only problem is falling in love with her best friend Max and how to make him see what’s right under his nose.  With a serial killer on the loose and a handsome stranger roaming the streets late at night, Lily begins to re-evaluate her life.  When she is unwittingly thrust into the middle of a supernatural battle, Lily must determine who she can turn to in her hour of need and whether she can even trust herself.

The Shadow Keepers


16 year old Georgia Boone was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and OCD, six years ago.  The medication hasn’t helped and she still sees the spooky, crow-like shadow creatures in every reflective surface.  After a violent incident involving a broken mirror and a shop assistant, Georgia is committed to a famous mental hospital to gain control over her condition.  But Georgia knows the shadows are real, and she knows its only a matter of time before they come for her.  Her only hope is Elijah, the boy in the mirror world, who might know more than she does.  Together, they must find allies and stop the shadow creatures before they breach the human world, before it is too late.

The Mermaid Chronicles – 5 books: Secrets of The Deep, The Quest for Atlantis, Fight for Freedom, Ghost Pirates & Part 5 TBD

mermaid2Cordelia Blue lost her mother and twin brother during a sailing accident and shark attack.  Five years later, on the brink of her 18th birthday, Cordelia’s life changes dramatically when she faces her fear of water and discovers her mermaid ancestry.  Entrusted with an important relic by a ghost of the past, Cordelia must decide whether she can trust her old friend Wade Waters with the truth to help her on her quest to break an ancient curse.  But in the world of mermaids and sharkians, reality is never what it seems and Cordelia begins to suspect that she has trusted the wrong people.  If she is to defeat an ancient enemy and save the mermaid race she must ignore the whisperings of her heart, before its too late.




Jason, Hayley & Lewis Scott are orphaned siblings who live at St. Jerome Emiliani’s Orphanage in New York City.  On discovering they have an aunt living in California they three decided to escape their nun-led orphanage to travel across the country, risking everything for a shot at family.  But will 13 year old Jason’s dyslexia trip them up when he handles the cash and plans their bus route?  11 year old Hayley has left the  medication for her ADHD behind in Sister Madeleine’s locked cabinet.  Will her new levels of agitation alert the other passengers on the bus as to who the Scott siblings really are?  8 year old Lewis has Asperger’s, which he thinks sounds like the name of a mould green vegetable.  Maybe it will be his emotional outbursts that gives them away?  The siblings must learn to work as a team, overcome their difficulties and face seemingly insurmountable obstacles if they want a chance at a real family.  With their faces plastered across every news channel nationwide, will they get to their aunt before they are caught?

The Momentous Decision of Simon Hughes

nooseAfter five months at an elite British boarding school, 14 year old Simon Hughes makes the decision of his life: to end it. 

But Why? 

Can Harry, his best friend from Dubai, offer any clues to his depression?  What about his ex-girlfriend Cassie?  Just how bad was there break-up?  Christopher Swainston is the head of house and vowed to Simon’s brother that he would keep an eye on the young boy.  Mouse Tillman is gay, everyone knows it, but did his friendship with Simon have an impact on the decision?  Through the eyes of Simon’s friends and classmates a story is told that leads him to the most momentous act of his young life and why he made that fateful decision.


panic19 year old Maggie Warner is having the time of her life at Cardiff university when her first panic attack comes out of the blue and knocks her off her feet.  But it isn’t an isolated event.  As her life begins to swiftly unravel she must look into her past to see if there is a key to understanding her developing anxiety disorder.  Did losing two friends to meningitis really have anything to do with it?  She wasn’t the only one to lose them, but she’s the only one who can’t sit through a lecture without having a panic attack.  Deciding to drop out of uni and feeling depressed with her well-planned future now derailed, she seeks professional help to steer her on the right path.  But will the help be the right help?  Or will her dark thoughts lead her down another path?  Only she can wield the weapon to take back the reins of her life.




Connected follows the stories of four individuals in different corners of the planet.  Sam, a secondary school guidance counsellor is returning home to England after a holiday to find his country wrecked by a series of earthquakes.  Life is no longer living but a question of survival.  Jessica, trying to ignore the feelings in her heart for her married boss, stumbles across the biggest discovery the scientific community has made for decades.  Jake, a rocket scientist in San Diego, is finally living his dream when the newest rocket ship looks fit to break the space wall boundary and thrust him onto the cover of Time Magazine.  And Anna in Boston faces her third round of cancer treatment.  Each treatment keep the tumours at bay for a little less time.  But can she find love before her time runs out and can her unusual abilities save her from her illness?  But what is it that these four individuals have in common?  When each one is faced with an important decision they are unwittingly effecting the lives of the other three.  But how?

Death Row Reality prison2

Biba Shaw just caught her big break covering the story of the Death Row Games.  But with her friend and mentor recently deceased, she begins to wonder if there is more to the games than meets the eye.  In a society built on zero tolerance for crime, the crime rate is at an all time low, but the prisons are overpopulated.  The games are a way to keep the law abiding on the straight and narrow and the prisoners in line.  There is a new contest every few weeks.  If you win, you get out.  Its the only way to leave a prison, unless you don’t mind being dead.  As Biba interviews the newest inmate recruits, she begins to question the validity of the games and what they stand for.  When an anonymous source  feeds her sensitive information and her life is threatened she realises there are powerful people behind the games that will stop at nothing to keep their secrets.  But there is a bigger secret for Biba to unearth, and it will raise the stakes higher than she ever thought possible.  Can she expose the real villains without losing all she holds dear?


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